Malware.lu has a technical laboratory of malware analysis. We have a complete corporate environment (Active directory, email server, proxy…) to emulate a professional network. Thanks to this set-up, we are able to execute and analyse malware in a realistic environment.
Besides this, we have a development and analysis environment that includes all necessary tools for development (Microsoft Visual Studio) and for performing a malware analysis (debugger, disassembler…).
Our environments are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.</p>

Malware.lu supports people working in the malware analysis and incident response domains, by providing several tools and scripts:

Github repository: You can download our scripts and tools on our GitHub.

Malwasm: Malwasm is a tool based on Cuckoo Sandbox. The tool is designed to supprt people performing reverse engineering. The source code can be downloaded here.

AVCaesar: AVCaesar is our multi-antivirus scanner platform. Further information about the AVCaesar platform can be found in the AVCaesar category.

For further information or to request a service offer please contact us via info@malware.lu.