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Malware.lu CERT is the first private CSIRT( Computer Security Incident Response Team) located in Luxembourg. We provide our expertise in incident response and malware analysis to private customers and governmental entities. You can freely report an incident by using the following button. The submission can be entirely anonymous.

The team can fully manage the security incidents or provide a technical support to the teams already deployed. Currently big companies are targeted by APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). We provide our expertise to correctly understand and handle such kind of attacks. We have acquired a great expertise in this area thanks to research projects related to the analysis of malware and through interventions for many customer’s on critical incidents.

We respect the incident handling guidelines provided by the NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology):

For further information, you can contact us by:

We are officially accredited as a European CSIRT in Trusted Introducer: Malware.lu CERT.

Malware.lu CERT incident reporting form can be downloaded here.

On-demand malware analysis form can be downloaded here.

CSIRT service presentation can be downloaded here.

CERT policy can be downloaded here.

Vulnerability disclosure policy can be downloaded here.

Incident management policy can be downloaded here.

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